Two months after the Boston Globe Spotlight team produced a series on the city’s ongoing struggle with racism, we are seeing some high-profile reminders of the realities of inequality, injustice and outright prejudice across the region. First, WEEI sports radio host Christian Fauria mocked Tom Brady’s agent, Don Yee, by using an overblown, stereotypical Asian accent. Yee, by the way, was born in Sacramento, California. The station has since apologized and put Fauria on a five-day suspension. They also announced they would suspend programming on Friday and, instead, hold a mandatory sensitivity training session for all employees after several advertisers cut ties with the station.
Then there was a tweet from the Boston Police Department account, paying tribute to Celtics legend Red Auerbach for Black History Month. The BPD has since apologized, but for many, the damage has been done.
Jim Braude was joined by Boston Globe columnist Renee Graham and Rahsaan Hall, director of the racial justice program at ACLU Massachusetts.