Following the release of a preliminary study on police body cameras, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says he will put money in the budget to move the program forward, despite his reservations.

“While we’re thinking about where we go with body cameras ... we are going to put money in the budget to start the process moving forward,” Walsh said in an interview Friday with Boston Public Radio. “We’re not sure exactly how much money it would be, and we’re not sure if it would ever be spent, but we’re going to begin the process of putting a placeholder there.”

By “placeholder,” Walsh said he means several million dollars will be set aside in the budget for the program. “Not $100,000 to begin the process as we move forward,” Walsh said.

Walsh has previously expressed reservations about the program, despite Police Commissioner Bill Evans’ positive assessment of the embattled year-long trial. Evans has said the only “roadblock” to a permanent implementation would be the budgetary concerns.

A preliminary analysis from Northeastern University states the cameras “may generate small benefits” in the way the police interact with the public.

Walsh said he expects a more in-depth study of data from the department’s pilot program to be released by summer.