The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is launching a regulatory review, following allegations that casino mogul Steve Wynn sexually abused employees. The allegations could jeopardize Wynn’s license to open a resort casino in Everett.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting a number of women allege they were harassed or assaulted by Wynn, including a manicurist who Wynn reportedly paid a $7.5 million settlement. The detailed report relies on interviews with dozens of people whom corroborate a decades-long pattern of sexual misconduct with female employees.

The report sent shares of the casino company tumbling 9 percent Friday.

Wynn has denied the allegations, and his company says they are part of a smear campaign related to divorce proceedings from his ex-wife.

Wynn’s massive casino and hotel project in Everett is well under construction. In a written statement, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission called the allegations troubling, and said they’re taking them seriously.

“The suitability and integrity of our gaming licensees is of the utmost importance, and ensuring that suitability is an active and ongoing process,” the statement reads.

The state Gaming Act requires gaming licensees and their major executives and shareholders to have integrity, honesty, and good character and reputation. The Act says that if the licensee fails to meet that standard, the license can be revoked.

The Gaming Commission says its Investigations and Enforcement Bureau will conduct a regulatory review of the matter to determine the appropriate next steps. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.