The Weinstein Effect is spreading through Washington like wildfire. At first, it was the usual party versus party finger pointing in response to a slew of sexual misconduct accusations against politicians. But now, a few brave souls are starting to break from the pack and call out their own. Jim Braude was joined by Diane Hessan, Chair of C Space and a former Clinton volunteer who has been doing ongoing research on Clinton and Trump supporters, and James Rappaport, former head of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

This time last week, not a whole lot of people knew the name "Oliver Curme." That is until Tuesday night — when Curme suddenly became one of the most hated men in Massachusetts, thanks to a now infamous speech about a proposed medical marijuana dispensary on Newbury Street. Local media pounced on Curme’s comments with headlines like "Boston Millionaire Mocks Cancer Patients" and "Man Rips Army Vets." Video of his rant went viral. Oliver Curme joined Jim Braude to discuss.

Jim weighs in on politicians who believe some sexual misconduct accusers, but not others.