You might know Anthony Bourdain from his New York Times best-selling book “Kitchen Confidential,” which went behind the scenes of restaurant kitchens. Or, you may know him from his CNN show “Parts Unknown,” in which they pay him to eat his way around the world. But these days, he’s exploring a little closer to home in his new online web series The Balvenie’s “Raw Craft,” which follows people at the forefront of the American craft industry – including the group at SJC Drums in Southbridge, Massachusetts. Anthony Bourdain joined Jim Braude to talk about the series, the opioid crisis and harassment in the restaurant business.

President Trump’s relationship with U.S. intelligence agencies hasn’t exactly been a warm one. In December, after the CIA and other agencies concluded the Russian government interfered in our election, Trump called it “ridiculous.” His transition team went a step further, saying in a statement “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.” This past week, the trend continued when Trump said that he believes that Russian President Valdamir Putin “feels that he did not meddle in the election,” and again when he called former agency heads James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper “political hacks.” Two former CIA operatives, Boston University Professor of International Relations John Woodward Jr., and Glenn Carle, author of “The Interrogator: An Education,” joined Jim Braude to discuss how the intelligence community can move forward.

Scientific research used to be limited to the halls of academia, but a growing movement is breaking down those walls, showing that anyone can take a crack at being a scientist. Tucked behind a house just a few minutes away from Davis Square in Somerville is a pretty standard two-story garage. But inside this building is a  Biosafety Level 1laboratory called Boston Open Science Lab, or  BosLab. Angela Kaczmarczyk, president of BosLab, said she and her peers opened this lab with the same goal­ — to democratize science.