Rep. Seth Moulton has condemned House Speaker Paul Ryan for declining to bring gun legislation to the floor of the House of Representatives following Sunday's mass shooting in Las Vegas. 

“Why is it that 9 out of 10 Americans support [universal background checks for guns], and yet the entirety of Republican leadership in the House under Speaker Paul Ryan can’t even have a debate about this — can’t even have a vote?” Moulton said during an interview with Boston Public Radio Wednesday. 

Moulton criticized Republican legislators for what he says is a failure to stand up to the gun lobby. Gun rights groups spent a total of more than $10 million last year in federal lobbying.

“You want to be a Republican member of Congress who is totally in the pocket of the NRA, and so you vote against it? Fine, that’s your vote. That’s your right,” he said. “But let’s at least do our job and have the debate. Speaker Ryan won’t even let us do that.”

Moulton said he confronted Ryan in private and asked how gun control reform could be brought forth for discussion. He said Ryan denied his request by saying, “There’s no way to do a little, because then everybody wants a lot.”

Moulton called Ryan’s response a “non-answer."

“You can do whatever you want,” Moulton said. “You’re the Speaker of the House. You have the prerogative over what legislation comes to the floor. If you don’t want a bill that does a lot to come to the floor, then pick a bill that does a little, but at least do something.”

Moulton said it is possible for the parties to come together and pass gun reform that respects the Second Amendment and keeps communities safe.

“It’s a time for Democrats and Republicans to put politics aside — to put lobbyist money aside, to be blunt about it, because that’s what this is coming from; it’s the NRA money — and do the right thing for the American people,” said Moulton.

Rep. Seth Moulton serves on the House Armed Services Committee and Budget Committee. He represents the 6th Congressional District. To hear his interview in its entirety, click on the audio player above.