Congresswomen Katherine Clark and Niki Tsongas joined Jim Braude to discuss the fallout from the firing of James Comey, the health care battle and what it’s like to be one of the few female members of Congress. 

It's been six and a half years since 20-year-old DJ Henry of Easton, a junior football player at Pace University, was shot and killed by a police officer in Mount Pleasant, New York. DJ was outside a bar, waiting for a friend when he thought police officer Aaron Hess told him to move his car. As he did, Hess jumped on the car and fired through the windshield at DJ, who later died. Police claimed DJ had tried to run over Hess, but other witness claim DJ was just following direction. Months later, a grand jury declined to indict Hess, then two months after that, he was named officer of the year. In 2012, another officer admitted in a deposition to firing his weapon at Hess that night, because he thought he was the aggressor. Last year, the family reached a $6 million settlement with the village of Pleasantville and Aaron Hess and this week the town apologized. Following their son’s death, Dan and Angella Henry set up the DJ Henry Dream Fund in his memory. Both joined Jim to talk about the final settlement. 

Jim’s thoughts on net neutrality and why not preserving it could affect your life—bigly.