Boston is again making headlines and not for a good reason. Following Monday’s Red Sox game against Baltimore, Orioles center fielder Adam Jones told multiple media outlets that a fan yelled racial slurs and threw a bag of peanuts at him. The incident prompted an apology from the Red Sox, Governor Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Martin Walsh. But Jones says this wasn’t the first time he’s experienced racism at Fenway Park. Is this incident a reflection of race relations in Boston? Newly-elected president of the Boston NAACP Tanisha Sullivan, Senior Vice President at Brandeis Ira Jackson, and Northeastern University athletic director Peter Roby joined Jim to discuss.

We all know exercise is key to a healthy life but that’s easier said than done, especially for medical professional who work long shifts and put all their time into caring for others. That’s exactly why Mass General Hospital has launched a month-long challenge asking staff to exercise 30 minutes for 30 days straight. The goal is to raise awareness about how to lessen the odds of dementia and stroke—the two leading causes of death in the U.S. Doctor Lee Schwamm, vice chair of neurology at Mass General, which is the department behind the effort, joined Jim to talk about the challenge.

Jim shares his thoughts on a recent event that taught him the true meaning of schadenfreude.