The ghost of WMDss isn’t haunting Iraq—it’s haunting the United States, as Russia uses that bogus intelligence as a way of undermining the intelligence declassified on Friday, which implicates Vladimir Putin in tampering with the U.S. election. And the Russians aren't the only ones skeptical—some Americans are, too.

Joining Boston Public Radio on the line for his take on this is Charlie Sennott, WGBH News analyst and executive director of The GroundTruth Project.

"I think it's fair to take a pause and listen to the skepticism about our intelligence agencies and the politics they can play," Sennott said.

"I think many of us who really followed Iraq closely—and I covered the war in Iraq—when we found out how they manipulated the evidence around Weapons of Mass Destruction, that was really worrisome for our country," he continued.

At the same time, he said, the charges leveled by the U.S. intelligence report—that a foreign leader personally intervened on the behalf of a specific candidate in a presidential election—are grave enough to warrant continued analysis and investigation.

"There is something real here, when a rival to the United States is selecting the candidate it wants and then that candidate is not clearly stating how concerned they are about that, and seems to be, at almost every turn, from his first appearances as a candidate, talking about Putin in very warm ways," Sennott continued.

"It's a time to analyze this for real and look at it," he said.

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