President Barack Obama leaves office exactly a month from today—which means it's certainly too early to get a full idea of how his tenure will go down in the history books. But Nancy Koehn, historian at the Harvard Business School, has one prediction about how his presidency will be remembered.

"This is a man who ran an absolutely scandal-free administration," she said. "That's really important."

Koehn explained that, while the future of Obama's specific policies may be unclear under a Trump Administration, the gravitas and seriousness he brought to the office was notable.

"The entire family and the circle of people around them have, in some very real sense, upheld—shall we say—the importance and the grace and the dignity and the respect the office of the presidency of the United States is due, and they've done it consistently," Koehn explained.

"The integrity of the an important thing onto its own right, and very much related to how we feel about our country and ourselves," she said.

Koehn also pointed to another attribute of Obama's that has been argued about in the final months of his presidency: his moderation. While pundits have argued that Obama may have been more successful had be pursued a more leftist agenda, Koehn says, in the long-term, his moderation might be seen as an asset.

"I think we will look back on [Obama's moderation] now in this very immoderate, radical moment, and reassess the values of moderation," she said.

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