Plymouth's Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant has long been under a microscope. Last year, their federal safety rating was downgraded and earlier this year, the plant's parent company announced Pilgrim would be closing by 2019.

The most recent issue - a confidential email made public - paints a picture of a company run by overwhelmed and inexperienced employees.

The email was sent to the Cape Cod Times where reporter Christine Legere wrote about the issues. Legere spoke with WGBH Radio's Henry Santoro to discuss what was in the email and how the community - and the plant - is reacting to the information revealed by the leaked message.

"It categorizes the staff at the plant as in their own words as overwhelmed just with the job of keeping the plant going, that they're struggling. That the people who are experts in particular fields seem to be weak as far as their own specialties go. That they don't follow well established procedures when it comes to repairing equipment and to monitoring it to make sure it's going to work."

"Well, I think if they're reading this email - which we did have it up on our website - I think they would be concerned. I think the Plymouth Selectmen have got a lot of flack over it. They called an emergency meeting within hours that our story ran. And they were most angry that the email had gotten out to the public."