More than 150 state representatives are endorsing a letterasking President-elect Donald Trump to rescind the controversial appointment of a former right-wing media executive to the Position of Chief Strategist.

The letter, which was sent to Trump Tower on Wednesday, says appointee Steve Bannon represents racist views and alienates minority groups with his alignment to the White Nationalist movement, as evidenced by his work for Breitbart Media.

Under Bannon’s leadership, published articles with language targeting Muslims and women, among other groups.

Former Suffolk County Sheriff and Secretary of Public Safety Andrea Cabral joined BPR to talk about Trump’s process of appointment. She says Bannon’s appointment shows Trump’s true colors.

“[Trump’s] senior policy advisor and chief counsel to him is a white supremacist and is anti-semitic,” she said. “[When we allow Bannon's] name to be uttered without the descriptors of white nationalist and anti-semite, we are minimizing who he is and we are normalizing this appointment, and it is not normal.”

Bannon has been accused of anti-semitic remarks by his ex-wife.

Cabral also pointed to Trump’s possible appointments for the position of Attorney General, saying they support claims that he is not forming his Cabinet responsibly.

“I’ve not heard the name of anyone thus far that has the kind of background and clear-headedness about the duties and responsibilities about the A.G. that inspires any confidence in me,” said Cabral.

She said Trump is allegedly planning to surround himself with yes-men, instead of focusing on who would truly be the best Attorney General.

“His inner circle is largely confined to his family and those that possess a quality of singular importance, which is loyalty to him,” Cabral said. “Those are not the makings of a good Attorney General: being loyal to Donald Trump and wanting to protect him.”

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions are allegedly being considered for the position of Attorney General.

The Attorney General is tasked with overseeing legal affairs. This person is supposed to protect the interests of the public by enforcing the law in areas like child protection, civil rights, and environmental legislation.

Cabral said she is not optimistic about any of Trump’s appointments. She said her resignations aren’t just about Attorney General and Chief Strategist.

According to Cabral, Trump is not looking for the right qualities in his Cabinet.

“I just don’t have any hope,” she said. “His test [for appointment] is loyalty to him.”

To hear Andrea Cabral’s interview on BPR in its entirety, click on the audio link above.