Trump has promised to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood if he was elected into office. In addition to providing abortion services, Planned Parent offers millions of Americans contraception as well as tests for cancer and STDs.

According to Planned Parenthood, 40 percent of their revenue for the year comes from federally funded programs. Without this money, the organization could be in serious financial trouble.  

Medical ethicist Art Caplan joined Boston Public Radio Friday to talk about the implications of defunding Planned Parenthood and why Trump remove funding to appease the conservative congress.  

“[Trump] may be a misogynist, but I don’t see him as a person who has spent his life trying to restrict abortion or cut back on the availability of contraception, and he didn’t run on that. But those are bones he is going to have to throw towards the people he is going to have to work with in congress,” said Caplan.  

Caplan says that in order to have a congenial relationship with the conservatives that now run the country, Trump will have to defund Planned Parenthood, something they have been trying to accomplish for many years.

“I believe he is going to throw women's health in the hands of the conservatives. “It will happen in the supreme court, it will happen in congress in appropriations, we are going to be back in the  fights about can religious entities exempt from requirements to provide contraceptive coverage,” said Caplan.

Listen to our interview with medical ethicist Art Caplan above.