Attorney General Maura Healey has a message for opponents of Question 3: "Free the birds!"

Healey told Boston Public Radio Monday that she was inspired to vote yes on the ballot measure—which would prohibit pigs, calves raised for veal, and egg-laying hens from being held in confined spaces—from taking care of chickens during her childhood.

“We had a little henhouse growing up, and we’d go down and collect the eggs in the morning. It was great. So free the birds,” Healey said.

If voters approve Question 3 this November, the sale of pork, veal, and eggs from animals held in confined spaces—even if they come from outside of the state—would also be banned. Opponents of the question worry that it would raise the price of food for Massachusetts consumers. The Boston Globe projects that the cost difference for eggs would amount to about $10 per resident per year.

This is not the first ballot question Healey has weighed in on this season, She is a vocal opponent of Question 4, which would legalize recreational marijuana. Healey also told Boston Public Radio that—while she supports charter schools generally—she will be voting against Question 2 to raise the cap on the number of charters permitted in Massachusetts.

"I oppose this effort to lift the cap because I think it doesn’t do what we need to do to really address the educational needs of people in this state, and in particular students who are in predominantly lower income communities," Healey said.

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