Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is stepping out on the campaign trail to defend himself against allegations that he has sexually harassed women. Criticism of the women who claim to have been touched inappropriately by Trump, as well as a recent Twitter hashtag calling to repeal women’s right to vote, have prompted Americans to consider how this election has brought to light the persisting imbalances between men and women.

To talk about this topic, as well as to discuss her new book, Susan Faludi visited Jim and Margery at BPR. She explained why this election cycle has felt especially vicious to many women.

“This is the culmination of a gender drama that goes back at least 20 years in which so-called angry white men... were manipulated by the Right into believing that their problems could be put at the doorstep of minorities and women, and in particular, women as embodied by Hillary Clinton,” said Faludi.

She went on to predict that Trump’s brand of misogyny will persist past the election, regardless of the outcome. According to Faludi, the negative emotion stirred in Trump supporters will be redirected after November 8.

“None of this going away,” said Faludi. “Presuming Hillary is elected... all of this rage will be turned on her. The whole attack machine is not exactly going to fold up its tent.”

Faludi also encouraged the public to look forward, creating change beyond fleeting news headlines. She explained that Trump represents only a small manifestation of a larger broken system, proven by the fact that so many women come forward when sexual misconduct is brought to the public’s attention.

Rather than make this just about one man’s sexual behavior, I think we have to widen the lens here,” she said. “Every time there’s a platform to discuss this, women come forward. The real question is, what about the days afterward?”

To hear more of Susan Faludi’s interview with BPR, click on the audio link above.