What's the preferred ice cream flavor for bears living in scenic Stockbridge, Massachusetts?

According to Andris Nelsons, music director for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, it's strawberry (he'll explain how he knows that below.) Nelsons joined Boston Public Radio on the line from Tanglewood for a preview of the remaining shows of the 2016 summer season. 

Highlights of the interview include:

On his new form of yoga

NELSONS: Honestly…I’m a terrible player. I used to play trumpet, it was my first profession. But I got a present last summer in Tanglewood, a trumpet—which I haven’t played in thirteen years. I’m using it now as a yoga, as an exercise for breathing. It’s quite disturbing for other people, because conducting is a profession where at least— when you are on your own—you can wave your arms and read books, it doesn’t produce any noise. But the trumpet has some sound coming out.

On what it's like playing at Tanglewood

NELSONS: Tanglewood is so unique...There is a roof, it feels like a big concert hall, but the sides are open and you can see the beautiful nature around. It’s really a feeling of like being in a paradise. It’s interesting—I didn’t see it yesterday—but the day before we rehearsed, there’s so much great nature, and there was a bear trying to get an ice cream. It’s so wild in a sense, you can see wild animals. [The bear tried to get ice cream] from the place where they sell ice cream. It was closed. There’s another story where the bear opened the ice cream box, but he took only the strawberry ice cream, interestingly.  

On the Boston Symphony's “Casual Fridays” series

NELSONS: The casual Friday, on one side, means it’s relaxed. But what I would say is...I think we want to encourage people to feel and to think that actually coming to concerts, everyone should feel relaxed, in relaxed dress and absolutely feel free to enjoy music the way they feel. If they want to applaud after the first movement, it’s wonderful, you know? I think [it's] to take away all of these unnecessary codes, things people think you should do or shouldn't do when you listen to music. When you listen to music, or watch the movie, or watch the sport game, or hear the pop song, you need to react how your emotional human body tells you. Otherwise, you can’t enjoy the music. So casual means [casual] in the more global sense, but also, purely practically, it means: relaxed dress, and there’s a reception after! 

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This transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity.