Getting on the same page, that's the challenge for the democrats now that Hillary Clinton is their presidential nominee, but Bernie Sanders isn't dropping out. This afternoon President Obama made his support for Clinton official, offering up a recorded endorsement on her campaign website.

Earlier in the day,  Obama met with the Vermont senator -and darling of the progressive wing of the party-  to talk about where the party goes from here. Sanders said he plans on staying in the race at least through next week's primary in Washington D.C.  Despite the fact he isn't conceding defeat, Sanders did make it clear he will do whatever he can to make sure Donald Trump isn't elected President.Former state treasurer and candidate for governor  Shannon O'Brien (@shannonpobrien), and Scot Lehigh (@GlobeScotLehigh) of the Boston Globe discuss what the democrats need to do.

Later in the show, retired Judge Maria Lopez shares her perspective on the case of Brock Turner who was recently found guilty of three felony sexual assault counts related to an attack on an unconscious woman that happened a little over a year ago. She comes from a very different place in all this. Lopez was that judge back in 2000, who sentenced Charles "Ebony" Horton to a year of house arrest and five years probation after Horton pleaded guilty to kidnapping, assault with intent to rape a child, and other assault charges. The victim there was an 11-year-old boy.

Then Jim shares his thoughts on why everyone should not get a trophy.