Barbecue is one of the world’s oldest cooking techniques and -- according to those who cook it -- it’s very hard to master.

Some say when you’re cooking BBQ, “low and slow” is the way to go, but according to BBQ pitmaster extraordinaire, Andy Husbands, others may enjoy the “hot and fast” method, but traditionally Husbands says the former is the best way to go.

"Barbecue is very similar to making wine or brewing beer, it's a craft in which both the science and the art need to be embraced." -from Wicked Good Barbeque

Boston Area Barbeque fans are in for a treat. Husbands, an award-winning chef/restaurateur and author of several books, including his newest, Grill to Perfection and   Wicked Good Barbecue: Fearless Recipes From Two Damn Yankees Who Won The Biggest, Baddest BBQ competition In The World is opening his newest restaurant, Smoke Shop in Kendall Square, which has been under construction for about a year.

Husbands crowd-pleasing restaurant, Tremont 647, in Boston’s South End has been enticing patrons with American Cuisine for twenty years.

WGBH mid-day host Henry-In-The-Hub Santoro talked spoke with Husbands about the new restaurant, which located in the former Tommy Doyle’s Irish Pub spot in Kendall Square and which we’ve learned is totally rebuilt, with an extended glass-encased bar and patio.

According to Husbands' Wicked Good Barbecue book, “Barbecue is very similar to making wine or brewing beer-a craft in which both the science and the art need to be embraced.”

Husbands and his teammate, Chris Heart, have won some of the toughest barbecue championships in the world including in 2010 when they captured the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitation Barbecue in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

When Santoro asked Husbands how to modernize BBQ, Husbands says, “we try to honor the traditions. He says people often say, “I’m from the South and…or they say I went to college in North Carolina and…”   He says he will take a traditional pulled-pork and make it slightly different by adding a twist such as an Italian sub-style.

You can look for Husbands new restaurant Smoke Shop to open in Kendall Square sometime this spring.