Governor Charlie Baker rolled out a new set of reforms to the Department of Children and Families Monday, aiming to improve training around opioid addictionand other issues social workers might encounter in their cases. But a more pressing issue right now might be finding enough new social workers to train.

Though the administration and union representing social workers—SEIU 509—have aimed for an 18-to-1 caseload ratio, the average caseload ratio is 21-to-1.

Baker said his administration was aggressively pursuing hiring more social workers, as well as improving recruitment and retention rates.

"We are chasing this one and chasing it hard, but we started from a pretty lousy position, to tell you the truth," he said on "Boston Public Radio" Tuesday. 

Worker morale, he acknowledged, was part of the issue.

"If you've been part of an agency that's been some of the tribulations these guys have been through over the course of the past few eyars, I wouldn't be surprised if morale was absolutely an issue," Baker said.

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