Can you remember the last time you had a good, hot shower? For many people, the answer is within the past few days. But for David Whitlock, the founding scientist of AOBiome, the answer is 13 years ago! 

Whitlock, and AOBiome Product Developer, Jasmina Aganovic(@JasminaAganovic), joined Jim on Tuesday night to discuss the joys of live bacteria on the skin, and the perils of modern soap. “We’ve been too clean as a society,” said Aganovic. “We’re learning … that we actually need bacteria in order to be healthy.” AOBiome’s line of products returns good bacteria back to the skin, which Aganovic said we’ve wiped out over the last 50-70 years by being too clean. No instances of inflammatory skin diseases existed 100 to 150 years ago. 

Instead of showering, Whitlock sprays AOBiome mist on his body every day, which replenishes his skin’s good bacteria. Aganovic said that the replenishing of good bacteria to the skin “is one of the most dramatic shifts in personal care that could hugely make a difference in personal health.” 

While the idea of not showering regularly (or skipping out on deodorant and other products) may be shocking, this is a growing trend. About 60% of AOBiome users have stopped using deodorant. And other users, are able to cut down on moisturizer and makeup, leading to less chemicals on the skin. Jim sniffed Whitlock on Boston Public Radio, and determined the smell as “totally fine.” Whitlock said he has no plans to bathe in the future.