At least three Massachusetts candidates are running for president without fanfare.

Eric Elbot is a college professor from Beverly. Joe Robinson is a retired engineer from Brookline. And Steve Comley is a farmer from Rowley. They have spent hundreds of their own money on t-shirts and signs.

They’ve even been in a debate carried on CSPAN. The three are among more than a dozen lesser known candidates running for president.

“I’m gonna order a John Deere tractor to help cut the lawn out there because I like cutting the lawn and that will help with the deficit,” said Comley.

That’s Steve Comley’s big idea to cut the debt.

“It’s not your every day presidential campaign,” said Elbot.

Especially when you’re Democrat Eric Elbot, a single dad who raised his kids after his wife died of cancer. His daughter told him this is a pipe dream.

“Dad, I don’t get it. What you are trying to achieve, this isn’t possible,” said Elbot’s daughter.

Maybe not. But it’s good schmoozing.

“I decided to get into the NH presidential primary as a way of having access to the media and as a way of meeting with American citizens,” said Elbot.

For Joe Robinson, it’s just fun. He’s channeling his inner Seinfeld. And he offered a solution to end terrorism, “the minute we make our gasoline from coal we will stop financing terrorism and the ball game is over.”

Meanwhile Eric Elbot takes a more flower child approach.

“In my first 100 days I would create what I call an innovation core, where every American gives two or three years to their country and works to bring innovation to towns.”

But Steve Comley believes terror comes from a lack of manners…

“The only way you have any chance of disarming ISIS is start apologizing for what past administrations have done,” said Comley.

They’re not going to win. But they bring new meaning to the phrase “only in America.”