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It was only a matter of time. Trump, semi-gracious in defeat now claims Iowa fraud and wants a re-run. And the huge age divide between Sanders and Clinton and what it'll mean for the eventual nominee. The Boston Globe's Joan Vennochi (@Joan_Vennochi), Agora Founder and CEO Elsa Sze (@elsasze) and Tufts University Tisch College's Research Dean Peter Levine (@peterlevine) discuss. 

With at least one Zika Virus case in Massachusetts, the head of the Massachusetts Public Health Department Monica Bharel and Homeland Security Expert Juliette Kayyem (@juliettekayyem) discuss the risk here and whether talk of canceling the Rio Olympics should be taken seriously.

WGBH News' (@EmilyRooneyWGBH) takes us on a tour of New Hampshire primaries past. Former Governor John Sununu once said "Iowa picks corn, New Hampshire picks presidents." But is it true?

And yet another rant about the absurdity of Iowa going first and whether New Hampshire is really any better.