The trial of a Danvers teen charged in the murder of his math teacher may soon draw to a close… The judge has told jurors that Philip Chism’s fate may be in their hands as soon as Thursday. 

Chism’s plead not guilty by reason of insanity. The defense’s main mental health expert, Dr Richard Dudley, testified that Chism told him he heard one male voice beginning at age 10. But under cross examination by prosecutor Kate MacDougall, Dudley acknowledged that Chism had told other clinicians there were more voices earlier on.

“You are aware Dr Dudley that he has told other people that he started hearing these voices at other times, is that correct?”


“As young as 5 or 6, maybe even as young as 2.”

“I don’t remember that.”

“And that would be extremely rare, wouldn’t it.””

“Two would be extremely rare.”

Dudley conceded that aside from Chism saying he hears voices, there’s no evidence he was experiencing psychosis on the day he killed Colleen Ritzer. Dudley told jurors Chism had expressed remorse, quote, “about a variety of things,” including not being able to control the voice in his head.