Grand Prix of Boston has reworked its contract with the city so that no taxpayer dollars will be used for its IndyCar racing events in South Boston, CEO Mark Perrone told WGBH News.

“We are asking for zero taxpayer dollars,” Perrone said. “We’ve gone and reworked the city license with the mayor and the administration. We are picking up all of the municipal costs so there will be no taxpayer dollars.”

Grand Prix Boston’s original contract held the city responsible for making improvements or alterations to roads used by the race. Perrone says the company will now shoulder those costs, as well as any costs for security. The new contract indemnifies the city and state from all liability in case spectators are injured during an event.

Perrone said his company was working to mitigate taxpayer concerns after the Boston 2024 Olympic bid failed earlier this year over, in part, the US Olympic Committee’s requirement that the city be responsible for all cost overruns.

“There’s probably a little—well, not a little, but a lot—of the Olympic hangover,” Perrone said. “Because of that, people probably took a little bit of a jaundiced eye toward any major event coming to the city, which is okay with us. We agree with the mayor’s office: we want to get these agency agreements done quickly and correctly.”

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