Barack Obama was going to be the president to end two wars. Could he start a third?

Last week, the White House announced that American advisers will be deployed to Syria to train and aid rebel troops fighting ISIS. That's a reversal from two years ago in 2013, when President Obama addressed the public and said emphatically that there would be no American boots on the ground in Syria.

Charles Sennott, head of The GroundTruth Project, said it was wise for the President to change strategy in response to shifting realities on the ground, but that this latest effort was another "halting step" in what he sees as a piecemeal American policy.

"I think going in and realizing we need to up our games in our efforts against ISIS is smart, but I think 50 advisers is too little, maybe even too late," Sennott said.

"I worry this is, too much, happening in fits and starts and hesitation in our step. I wish I was seeing more confidence in the execution of our policy, which is to step up an aggressive offensive against ISIS," he continued.

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