This week, Under the Radar, We’re drilling into a new dental plan for Massachusetts, and chewing over a different kind of grocery story in Codman Square. Plus will the poultry industry have egg on its face after moves to crush a 2016 ballot initiative? Mike Deehan, WGBH News’ statehouse reporter. joins, David Scharfenberg, Boston Globe politics reporter, and Lauren Dezenski, reporter for Politico’s Massachusetts Playbook and Callie Crossley to dig in to some of the state's most interesting-- and underrated-- stories.

Oral health care advocates want the Bay state to move towards a new classification system for practitioners of dental medicine to help increase access to care. Their solution, according to reporting by Mike Deehan, would be to create a certification for dental therapists that would be able to provide routine care and create a mid-level practitioner between a dental hygienist and a full-fledged dentist.

Plus, The Daily Table, a nonprofit grocery store founded by former Trader Joe’s President Doug Rauch, has been bustling. We check in about whether the grocery store has maintained its promise to provide delicious, wholesome and affordable food in an affordable way.

Then, the head of one of the poultry industry's biggest company is pledging a campaign to squash a proposed 2016 Massachusetts ballot initiative that would mandate Massachusetts farms and businesses produce and sell only eggs from cage-free hens.