Former teenage entrepreneur, Google product manager and Fulbright scholar Danny Crichtonhas a lot of thoughts about Boston's innovation climate. Mostly that it sucks.

The TechCrunch writer is pursuing a doctorate at Harvard's Kennedy School, and specializes in regional innovation hubs. In his opinion-- Boston is too focused on the past and traditional work models to thrive as an innovation hub against emerging competitors across the country. (LA, anyone? Critchton argues that the Olympicsaren't the only thing the city of Angels could host better than Boston...)

Says Crichton:

These are trying times for Boston when it comes to its world-class city status. Once the undisputed technology leader of the world, the city has been truly outclassed these past few years (and probably past few decades) by San Francisco, New York City, and increasingly Los Angeles (which is also likely to become the next bidder to host the Olympics in the U.S.)

But he does see a light at the end of the tunnel, saying "I am quite optimistic about the future. The collapse of the Olympics bid here locally should be a wake up call that we need to get our act together on a massive scale."

Hear, hear. Read the original TechCrunch article here.