It is a debate that has raged here, and all around the country for years, should the kids of undocumented immigrants in Massachusetts be eligible for in-state tuition rate?

And it was once again at the center of debate today at the State House as six bills on the subject went before the Joint Committee on Higher Education. 

Senator Linda Dorecena Forry(@ldforry), who wants to expand eligibility to many undocumented immigrants who meet certain criteria, and Representative Marc Lombardo(@MarcTLombardo), who wants to restrict in-state tuition eligibility to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, discuss the debate over whether undocumented immigrants should get in-state college tuition in Massachusetts.

"There kids are not getting extra benefits," said Senator Forry. "They're getting into universities on their own merit."

Representative Lombardo raised the issue, "What about our [out of state] U.S. veterans?"