Move aside, 'Jurassic Park.' The blockbuster movie of the summer isn't what you expect—it's not even in theaters, says Charles Sennott, head of 'The GroundTruth Project.'

"It's this blockbuster summer movie called 'Grexit,'" Sennott says. "We're going to be watching it all summer."

'Grexit,' of course, isn't a movie at all. It's the fallout from Greece's July 5th vote refusing to comply to their European creditors'—particularly, Germany and France's—austerity program. And it could lead to to Greece's departure from the Eurozone and the shakeup of the global economy.

What will happen next, Sennott predicts, will be determined largely by Greece's youth, who voted 2 to 1 against austerity.

"Greece is...hip, angry, anarchist, and they just went out on a limb and decided: 'We're not going to take it anymore," Sennott said.

"They're fed up," he continued.

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