It'll be yet another Fourth of July in Massachusetts without private fireworks this weekend, but some lawmakers are looking to make next Independence day a bit more festive - or at least a bit sparklier.

 Sparklers - those hand-held matchsticks that throw off - well - sparkles - when you light them...haven't been legal for private citizens in the commonwealth for decades. That could change if legislation currently before the Legislature's Public Safety Committee gets to Gov. Baker's desk.

Rep. Josh Cutler from Duxbury sponsored one of the bills to bring back sparklers and allow other kinds of display explosives like caps guns and ...

Laws prohibiting fireworks and sparklers are losing popularity. New York now allows firework sales with local approval. As it stands now, Massachusetts is surrounded by neighboring states where you can buy at least something that will blow up pretty when you light it on fire.

Baker wouldn't respond directly to questions about legalizing any fireworks but his spokeswoman tells WGBH the the governor will review any legislation that comes to his desk.