Mayor Martin J. Walsh says Wynn Casino's claim they offered $150 million to the city to repair Sullivan Square is "inaccurate" and "unfair," he told Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on Boston Public Radio's "Ask the Mayor" Friday.

"That's a little fuzzy, to be nice," Walsh said. 

Gaming revenue in Massachusetts, Walsh said, is divided into a general fund and a transportation fund that can be divvied up across the state, as determined by the legislature. Walsh then said Wynn proposed earmarking $45 million from that transportation fund to fix Sullivan Square.

"That's not how it works," Walsh said.

"There is no way that 160 State Representatives and 40 State Senators are going to say, 'we're going to give Boston $45 million to pay for a road infrastructure that benefits a casino, to host a casino that's in that city of close to that city," he continued.

Walsh maintains that Wynn did not offer $150 million to the city "under any scenario," with the exception of those earmarked funds.

"His comments were not accurate. Wynn has not proposed to give Boston $150 million dollars," Walsh said. 

"By putting that in the paper and saying that publicly is very unfair, because he's trying to mislead the people of Boston and mislead the people of Massachusetts about what this conversation is really about," Walsh said.

Incoming Superintendent Tommy Chang Discusses Plans, Priorities for BPS

Walsh was joined by incoming Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang, who laid out his plans for the city's education system when he takes office on July 1.

"This is a city that's rich in resources. We could do more, though. I believe we could continue pushing on equity issues, making sure every single child has access," he said.

"Let's guarantee every family an early ed. seat. Let's guarantee every elementary school access to the arts and world languages and a rigorous curriculum," Chang continued.

Chang also said his 10 year old daughter will attend Boston public schools when she arrives from Los Angeles.

"She's going to a Boston public school. Period," he said.

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