Missing art prints that beset the Boston Public Library for weeks have been found in the library's stacks 80 feet from where they should have been, a day after the ensuing controversy led to the resignation of the library's president.

The BPL announced Thursday the prints — an Albrecht Dürer engraving from 1504, worth $600,000, and a Rembrandt etching from 1634 worth between $20,000 and $30,000 — had merely been misfiled.

After the prints were reported missing, 14 staffers searched 180,000 prints — about 60 percent of the library's total, the library said.

BPL President Amy Ryan, who announced her resignation fewer than 24 hours prior, thanked the FBI, Boston Police Department, and U.S. Attorney’s Office for their investigation in a statement. 

BPL conservation officer Lauren Shott found the prints.

"I was shocked to find the two prints, but it really was just luck of the draw," Schott said in a statement. "Anyone of the team that’s been looking for the Dürer and Rembrandt could have found them."

Missing Dürer and Rembrandt Prints Found! http://t.co/JrESRfEBpT pic.twitter.com/FtoqISriyl