UPDATED, March 29, 4:27 p.m.

Boston police say an officer shot in the face by a suspect Friday night is in stable and improving condition after surgery to remove a bullet lodged below his ear.

Officer John Moynihan had several hours of surgery on Sunday at Boston Medical Center, where he had been in critical condition in a medically induced coma.

Commissioner William Evans said Moynihan is expected to be moved from intensive care in the coming days and make a full recovery.

Evans said he and Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley visited the hospital Sunday afternoon.

Gang unit officers with Moynihan on Friday night fatally shot the suspect, 41-year-old Angelo West. Police said West continued firing at them as he tried to run away from a traffic stop. Evans said video showed West shot Moynihan point-blank below his right eye.

West served time in prison as a result of being found guilty of opening fire on two policemen 13 years ago.

March 28, 6:46 p.m.

A 41-year-old Hyde Park man with a history of gun-related violations shot a Boston Police officer in the face Friday evening after being pulled over for a traffic check on Humboldt Ave. in Roxbury.

The assailant was killed by police.

Boston's police commissioner said the decorated officer -- gang-unit member John Moynihan, 34 -- remains in critical condition in a medically induced coma at Boston Medical Center.

The bullet, said to be fired at point-blank range, entered Moynihan's skull underneath his right eye and was lodged below his his right ear.

Commissioner William Evans on Saturday morning described Moynihan as "a fighter" and he hopes he's "going to pull through."

Speaking Friday at an impromptu press conference in front of the hospital about two hours after the shooting, Evans said Moynihan was in "critical condition" and was "fighting for his life". 

Evans says video shows Moynihan approaching the driver's door, and the suspect, 41-year-old Angelo West of Hyde Park, shooting him at point blank range.

Moynihan was helping West out of the car when West pulled his gun and began firing.

As of then, police had yet to draw their weapons.

Evans says West fired at the other officers as he tried to run away and was killed when they returned fire.

A woman driving down the street was shot in the arm, but is recovering.

The attack on police, Evans said, was "unprovoked".

9:34 a.m. 

 A shootout that erupted around 6:40 p.m. in Roxbury Friday resulted in a Boston Police officer being shot in the face under his right eye; the suspected assailant killed; and a middle-aged woman – described as a bystander – being wounded.

The officer was identified as 34-year-old John Moynihan, who has served on the force for six years.

Moynihan was taken to Boston Medical Center, where he was placed in a medically induced coma.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said the officer was in "critical condition" and "fighting for his life."

A helicopter hovered over the crime scene on Humboldt Avenue near Ruthven and Crawford Streets in Roxbury and ranged over parts of Franklin Park as police combed the neighborhood. The helicopter was still in the air at 11 p.m., suggesting police efforts were continuing.

Details are still sketchy, but it appears the police -- members of the gang unit -- had stopped a car that they had had under surveillance.

Evans described the action as “routine”.

The driver of the car stepped out as Moynihan approached and began shooting.

Police returned the fire, killing the as yet unidentified shooter.

Area residents said the slain man was African American.  

Evans described Moynihan as a decorated Army Ranger who served in Iraq who was honored at the White House for being among the first responders to the 2013 Watertown melee with the Boston Marathon Bombers.

As for the wounded woman, Evans said that he thought she was caught in the crossfire and suffered from a flesh wound to her arm.

Police said they were questioning two men described as passengers in the car.

Neighbors said gangs were active in the area and some said they believed that drug sales were common.

Almost 17 years ago, a 12-year-old girl was murdered near Friday’s shootout scene when rival drug gangs open fire on each other.

Shortly after the shootout, Mayor Marty Walsh issued the following statement: "My thoughts and prayers are with the Officer injured tonight, his family and friends and the entire Boston Police Department during this difficult time. These acts of violence have no place in our neighborhoods. Our community is stronger than ever, and tonight we are thankful for all of those who put their lives on the on the line every day to protect our City."

Quoting a police department spokesman, the Boston Globe website reported that the last time a police officer was shot in the line of duty was December 7, 2013 when a suspected gang member opened fire on an undercover cop in Dorchester.