One MBTA line managed to escape service delays -- the Ferry. WGBH was on one of the two boats operated by the MBTA that takes T riders from the business and residential neighborhood of the Charlestown Navy Yard to Long Wharf in the heart of Downtown Boston. The captain says the hardest part is keeping the path to the stop clear.

 "We have a really good crew that comes down and shovels this up for us and we keep up with it when we're here for a couple of minutes every trip... But the biggest help is those guys that are  coming down, helping us out [with] shoveling and stuff like that. We got a lot of our off shore boats that are in because the weather's too rough so they send their crews over here to shovel for us."

 The captain says he carried about 30 riders all day-- fewer than usual-- but riders WGBH spoke with said they were happy to be able to rely on the boat at all.