Now that the snow has let up, more flights from Arizona should arrive at Logan Tuesday, carrying happy fans of the New England Patriots as they return from the Super Bowl. Some flights chartered by the team made it through yesterday’s snow.

Season ticket holders and friends of the team were decked out from head to toe in Patriots gear as they stood around waiting for their luggage to appear at Logan. Even the baggage carousel announcer got into the spirit of things with a cheer.

“Go Patriots!” she said over the loudspeaker.

One young Pats fan was gripping on to a special souvenir from New England’s stunning Super Bowl victory.

“I’m holding one of the Patriots game balls,” said Bobby Brady.

Brady, who, despite his last name, is not actually related to a certain quarterback. He was sitting in the front row at the game when a Patriots coach just handed it to him.

“It’s pretty awesome," he said. "My sisters were screaming.”

They weren’t the only Pats fans screaming at Sunday’s game.

“I lost my voice, I was screaming too much," said Josh Ledin of Weymouth. "It was the best day of my life.”

Ledin says New England fans had to scream especially loud, since they were outnumbered in the stadium by Seattle fans.

Patriots fans looked happy but tired as they stood around waiting for their baggage to show up on a Logan carousel. As they talked about the remarkable game, there were some recurring themes.

“For me it was my third Super Bowl, and unfortunately my previous two, they had lost,” one fan said.

“Yeah, this is my third Super Bowl," said another. "I didn’t want to go oh-for-three."

“Yeah, I’ve been to two previous Super Bowls," said a third. "Unfortunately they lost both of them to the Giants. So I think I brought them good luck this time."

Sean Hussey of Rocky Hill, Conn. said it feels great to come back to Boston after a win like that.

“I’d feel even better if you didn’t have snow here," he said. "But the win does feel good, yeah."