The snow is expected to continue falling until late this evening and snowplow operators are hard at work. But Boston Public Works Department officials say a handful of people are getting in the way — literally.

Some of the very few individuals who have taken to the road in cars, and some pedestrians who are clogging the streets, are making DPW workers' jobs difficult.

"If you don't have to go out, don't," said Danny Nee, a supervisor with Public Works. "We knew this storm was coming. Hopefully you prepared. There are people who need to get to doctors' appointments and stuff like that and we're aware of them. You see them out on the street. Hopefully that's the people out there and not just joyriders. Just stay out of the way and let us clear the streets."

If your car is buried, Nee suggests leaving it until the snow fall ends.

"Try, if you can, not to shovel out your vehicle until we've had a chance to go by a few times," he said. "Difficult, we realize that, but we're on on the same page here."

Some DPW crews on been on the job 36 hours or more, and some will be there even longer by the time all the roads are clear.