Not since the heady days of Watergate has the Washington Post felt as relevant as it does today. The paper won two Pulitzers this year, and it’s provided essential coverage of topics ranging from Ferguson to Edward Snowden to breakdowns at the Secret Service. 

This week, New York Times media critic David Carr praised the Post’s resurgence, saying it’s back at journalism's "big-boy table.” Meanwhile, new owner Jeff Bezos will boost the paper’s readership by including a Washington Post app on tablets sold by Amazon. 

But not everyone is so bullish. A recent Politico piece argued that under Bezos, innovations have actually been limited. Then again, when the Graham family sold him the Post, they predicted he'd move slowly.

"Everybody knows that he's very long-term minded," said former CEO Donald Graham. "He'll decide thoughtfully what are the best steps for the Post, including digital steps."

And apparently—making the paper a must-read outside the Beltway. 


Dan Kennedy is a journalism professor at Northeastern University.

Callie Crossley is the host of WGBH News' Under the Radar.

Adam Reilly is a reporter for WGBH News.

Tom Fiedler is the dean of Boston University's College of Communications.