Republican candidate for governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, and Democratic nominee Martha Coakley squared off Wednesday for the second time in 12 hours. They debated issues ranging from TV ads to Baker’s former salary.
Business leaders sipped coffee and ate breakfast, while the candidates stood next to each other at the front of a large hotel ballroom.  On the menu? Eggs, potatoes and superPACS.
The moderator gave both candidates a chance to directly ask their supporters to pull negative super PAC ads off the air. Both declined. Though, Coakley said she would if Baker would:
"I will do this if Charlie will sign the people’s pledge. I won’t unilaterally disarm," she said.
"The Attorney General has no credibility on this issue at all," Baker responded. "The super PAC ad war was started by people who represented the Attorney General."
Coakley and Baker also tangled over Baker’s compensation when he was CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare.  She said Baker’s pay tripled while seniors lost their benefits.  But Baker said Coakley was Attorney General when he was CEO, and if she was uncomfortable with his salary, she could have blocked it, he claimed.