An environmental group once again protested a WGBH Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday afternoon. The protesters called for the removal of David Koch from the board, based on their view of his position on climate change. 

“This rally is brought to you by the letter K. And that stands for misinforming the public on climate change to make a buck,” chanted a protestor who was surrounded by about 60 other people holding signs and banners that read “Koch-Free WGBH”. The chanting protester was dressed as Elmo, a fictional character from the popular television show "Sesame Street."

“Frankly, I’m less concerned by what David Koch gives WGBH than what WGBH gives David Koch, which is legitimacy.”

So said Fred Small, a minister from Cambridge. The group has collected 325 thousand signatures asking for Koch’s removal.

Koch has contributed $23 million to public television over the years, including to WGBH.
A spokesperson for the WGBH Educational Foundation said that its programming is independently produced, without input from any trustees or funders.

The award-winning PBS shows Nova and Frontline, produced by WGBH, have presented 19 documentaries centering on the science and facts of climate change.

Some of the protestors attended the trustees meeting and submitted two letters of protest. Koch did not attend.