Fire officials say they’re still searching for a cause of the devastating fire in Allston last night that displaced 54 residents – many of them from Brazil.

Representatives from the Brazilian consulate were also there to help residents talk with the landlord.

Many of the buildings residents have no idea how they're going to put their lives back together. Joseph Reif doesn't have a place to stay.

“I don’t have nothing," he said through Anna Sullivan, a friend who helped translate. “Everyday when they wake up – everyday when they get up – they can smell gas.” 

Sullivan explained that Reif had told his landlord about the gas, "but they never did anything they never do anything. They say ‘it’s only little thing.’”

“I don’t pay cheap rent. I pay $1,080,” Reif said.

The landlord listed in city records as Brookline resident Pinkas Schlomo didn’t immediately return calls for comment.

Part of the building’s roof has collapsed and Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve McDonald says residents won’t be able to return to that section for at least a year.

Boston city officials provided two complaints about rodents on the property, but none about fire safety hazards.