It's morning in Tewksbury — and Somerville, and Chelsea, and 68 other Market Basket locations, to which trucks full of food are headed even as you read this.

WGBH News has you covered with the current status of your foodstuffs, the arcane financing mechanisms that put them on the shelves, and the implications the whole deal has for the future of organized labor.

• Cristina Quinn broke down the complicated, private equity-backed Market Basket deal into terms you can understand.

• Phillip Martin asks: What can labor unions learn from the Market Basket revolt?

• James Edwards traveled to aisle 10 at the Chelsea Market Basket, where he found workers restocking countries and cultures in addition to shelves.

• Free speech lawyer Harvey Silverglate ponders the future of public- and private-sector unions in a post-Market Basket world.

Fortune's Dan Primack and The Boston Business Journal's Jon Chesto shed further light on the new Market Basket, which will be drained of cash and saddled with serious debt.

• Dan Kennedy suggested that Market Basket's customers deserve some of the credit for the success of the walkout.

That'll do it, see you next weekend.