Fresh off his trip to Italy, where he met with Pope Francis to discuss climate change, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey joined Boston Public Radio Friday. 

Markey spoke with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan about his trip, the threat of climate change, and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki, who resigned Friday morning:

Well, you know he was a great soldier and a good man. In March of 2014, not one soldier died in Iraq, not one soldier died in Afghanistan, but 700 veterans committed suicide in March 2014. 

I think everyone now realizes that the VA and all of us have to do a much better job.

These people served us. We have to serve them. We have a much greater obligation than has been discharged up until now. And let's just hope that we can put in place the policies the kind of funding that is gonna be necessary to deal with traumatic brain injury. It's just time for all of us in America to have this conversation. And this just might turn out to be the silver lining of this entire controversy. 

To hear the rest of Markey's interview, click the audio link below.