The son of Boston Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy has pleaded guilty to murder for stabbing his girlfriend last year.

Jared Remy pleaded guilty Tuesday to first-degree murder, assault and battery, and violating a restraining order, among other charges. The 35-year-old was given the mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole.

Prosecutors described how Remy repeatedly stabbed Jennifer Martel in August, first in the couple's Waltham apartment as their 4-year-old daughter screamed, and then as she crawled to an outside patio. Three neighbors tried unsuccessfully to pull Remy off Martel.

Prosecutors say Remy stabbed Martel in the throat, legs, arms and torso, and punched her face.

Remy described himself as "the bad apple" and called Martel "an angel." He said he killed her because she had a knife and was threatening him over their daughter.