Tuesday's election will decide the first new Boston mayor in 20 years, but are voters paying attention? Will the new members of the Boston City Council reshape the direction of the city? What impact has outside money had on the race? Who's influential?

Callie Crossley sat down with three who have been following the Boston mayoral race closely: WGBH contributors Peter Kadzis, political analyst David Bernstein, and Boston Globe reporter Akilah Johnson. She got their take on the best "under the radar" perspectives on the mayoral race, Boston City Council rase, and the Massachusetts Governor's race.


Since the Boston Marathon bombing, the phrase "Boston Strong" has been embraced as a symbol of the city’s resilience in the face of tragedy. Boston Globe reporter Wesley Lowery stirred impassioned reaction when he Tweeted that what was once inspirational has become too commercial. He spoke with Callie Crossley about what he meant, and whether the co-opted phrase- or any other "rallying" phrase- loses its meaning and significance when it becomes commercialized.