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Months after harsh winds and beating waves destroyed half a dozen homes on Plum Island, some homeowners just got the green light to rebuild. 

The barrier island on the North Shore of Massachusetts was battered by superstorm Sandy in October 2012, followed by a blizzard in February, and back-to-back ocean storms in March that toppled two homes and forced another six to be demolished.

Despite the constant threat of beach erosion, strict government regulations banning protective rock wall barricades, at least three homeowners filed applications to begin construction. And, now the state has finally approved two of those applications. 

The third was rejected for failing to comply with environmental regulations, but that homeowner said he'll do what it takes to break ground on a new home where his old one once stood. 

On Greater Boston, Plum Island homeowner Les Jones, Sen. Bruce Tarr and Newbury Building Commissioner Sam Joslin discussed rebuilding the beachfront homes.