Earlier this year Internet Activist Aaron Swartz killed himself. At the time he was facing 13 felony charges and up to at least 30 years in prison. Prosecutors accused him of using MIT's network to download thousands of scholarly articles. Of course Swartz believed that all of these kinds of materials should be free of charge and available to the public In the end, he he gave up his life in order to stand up for his belief.

Swartz's friends and family believe he was driven to his death by a relentless justice system that pounded needlessly  pursued him for an alleged crime with no real victims. And the one person who has received the bulk of the blame is U.S. attorney Carmen Ortiz. Now Carmen Ortiz is facing a Congressional probe.

To go over this latest development Emily Rooney talked to Boston Herald  reporter John Zaremba and civil liberties advocate, Harvey Silverglate.


John Zaremba: Reporter, Boston Herald

Harvey Silverglate: Attorney, writer, and civil liberties advocate