A Boston man has been sentenced to mandatory life without parole for killing four people — including a 2-year-old boy — in a drug-related robbery in 2010.

Dwayne Moore was sentenced Dec. 18 at the Suffolk Superior Court after being convicted Monday of four counts of first-degree murder. A fifth shooting victim survived, but was paralyzed and is now in a wheelchair.

Judge Jeffrey Locked told Moore the killings, particularly of toddler Amani Smith, were "without excuse, without necessity."

Victims' family members also gave statements in court. Patricia Washum said the lives of the victims, including her slain 22-year-old son, were worth much more than the $1,800 taken in the robbery. She called it "appalling."

Moore hugged his lawyer, John Amabile, who has insisted prosecutors had the wrong man. Amabile, who appeared on Greater Boston on Tuesday night, told host Emily Rooney that politics were involved in the case.

"I think Dwayne Moore was always feeling he wouldn't get a fair trial," said Amabile, who is planning to appeal the case.


Reports from the AP contributed to this article.