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BPR News Quiz, 10/5/2018

The Red Flame Hunters Brass Band Brings Mardi Gras To Boston

The Red Flame Hunters of New Orleans joined Boston Public Radio at the WGBH Studio at the Boston Public Library.
Jason Turesky/WGBH News
BPR News Quiz, 10/5/2018

To celebrate Somerville's annual HONK Festival of activist street bands, Boston Public Radio was joined on the Friday News Quiz this year by the Red Flame Hunters of New Orleans.

The Red Flame Hunters were the first youth-oriented Mardi Gras Indian tribe in New Orleans, an African American tradition that "goes back more than a century, to honor collaboration between Native Americans and slaves."

Facing off on the News Quiz were Ed Buckner, president and founder of the Original Big 7 Social Aid & Pleasure Club in the 7th Ward of New Orleans, and artist Justin Cloud, who has been making his own Mardi Gras Indian costumes since he was a preteen.

The Red Flame Hunters will be performing at the HONK festival throughout the weekend as well as leading a costume-making workshop on Saturday in Davis Square.

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