Russia's invasion of Ukraine has sent shockwaves across the globe, including among Ukrainians in Boston with family and friends back home. Ukrainian students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shared their fears with Jim Braude on Greater Boston, and asked Americans for support.

"They're staying in Ukraine, trying to stay calm and just do whatever they can to protect Ukraine," student Sasha Horokh said of their family and friends. "They definitely are scared for their futures, for their loved ones' futures, for the future of their country and their home. However, being scared isn't going to help much," Horokh added.

At least 100 Ukrainians have been killed since the invasion began, and many others have been injured.

Ukrainian MIT student Vlada Petrusenko said her family and friends back home woke up to explosions.

Both Petrusenko and Horokh said the United States can do more to help, and Americans should support sanctions against Russia.

"I want to tell them [Americans] that they actually can play the role and their impact actually matters, so they have to acknowledge the situation is happening, they have to realize that it is important and they can donate, they can support the sanction petitions. I feel it's everyone's responsibility to unite against this pretty aggressive country which is attacking," Petrusenko said.

Watch: Ukrainian students speak out on Russian Invasion