President Donald Trump addressed the nation Wednesday to speak about escalated tensions with Iran. Chuck Todd, host of "Meet the Press Daily" on MSNBC, spoke with Boston Public Radio on Thursday about how Trump's address will affect US allies relationship with our government.

"There were so many ridiculous things [Trump] said yesterday, but the idea of essentially saying that Obama's negotiation deal funded the attack against the American military base - that's just propaganda," Todd said. "It's crazy stuff and it's just amazing that one American president would try to denigrate another American president that way."

Trump's false criticism of Obama's Iranian strategy will cause US allies to distrust long term agreements with the United States in the future, Todd said.

"Maybe [Trump] thinks there's some domestic political advantage to doing that, but the larger impact it has is that nobody is going to negotiate deals with the United States for the next decade in a serious way," he said. "Our deals are all going to be short-term and they're all going to have outs, because you cannot trust the American political system to produce consecutive presidents that will abide by agreements."